What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, means setting up your website and content to show up through online search results. While many marketing tactics rely on you reaching out to your audience, SEO gives you the power to reach people when they are actively searching out information related to your products and services. SEO helps you improve your visibility within the organic (or natural) search results, not to be confused with the paid search results.

Why is SEO so Important?

If you don’t optimize your website for search engines, you risk losing potential customers to your competitors because their websites appear higher in search engine results than yours. When someone searches for information that relates to the products and services you offer, you want to show up. Moreover, ideally, you want to show up prominently. Research shows that 60 percent of traffic from Google searches go to websites that appear in the first three search results.

Increased Exposure

Along with getting found for keywords you want to rank for, increasing your authority with the relevant search engines has additional benefits. If your blog has good quality content, you’ll see traffic starting to come for long-tail keywords and questions, which can directly lead to more visitors and potential customers.

It’s How People Find You

In recent years, more and more users are grabbing their smartphones to search for local businesses rather than other methods and mediums. How many times have you been out and needed a particular service or business, and entered a search engine to find a business who will offer the service? Making sure your site is ranked locally can increase to a significant influx of leads and enquiries. Making small changes and making sure your site is continuously updated along with increased local geo-specific keyword targeting.