Frequently Asked Questions

A website project can be a bewildering process, but that's what I am here for. Here are answers to some questions you may have. If you have a question that is not covered here, then email me at:

Yes, I will use WordPress as a CMS (content management system) for your website so that you can easily login into your website and edit content quickly with no knowledge of code required.

Similar to the cost of a website, the timescale to create the website will vary on many different factors. Timescales are dependent on the size of the project and the time it takes to provide content, information, and feedback. If you need your website completed in a specific time, please mention that when filling out the 'estimate project' form and I will confirm with if it is possible and how we can work with that deadline.

Once we agree your project is a great fit, and you have paid the initial payment - I can get started straight away to making your dream website.

This may depend on how large the project is and how many milestones there are throughout the project. If it is a fully 100% bespoke website built from the ground up - Typically payment is split into two stages. 50% upfront for the design and development stage, then the remaining 50% before the website goes live.

Absolutely, all websites I create will come with standard on-page SEO and ensured that search bots can locate and identify your website with ease. I will make sure the website is well structured, validates to the latest web standards, optimised for speed, contains all fields for metadata along with a friendly URL structure.

For a 30 day period, after your website goes live, I'll happily fix any bugs that occur for free. This does not include additional work or added functionality to the website. An ongoing optional maintenance package can be laid out for your website so that I will keep the website along with any plugins up-to-date, fix any problems, edit content and basic styling, and provide general support.

I am aware many new start-up businesses just starting out may have a low-budget. Though it is still so essential to have a website for your business, therefore I am more than happy to build a website using an existing template/ theme at a much lower cost. A website is better than no website. Simply get in touch, and we can discuss how to approach this.

I HIGHLY recommend that you purchase an SSL certificate for your website. It is becoming essential to have one as it ensures users (potential customers) that their data is secure. Google is also rewarding websites that have an SSL with higher rankings. When you host your website with me, I'll ensure your website has a SSL certificate.

Yes, I provide fast and reliable hosting at affordable rates. I also offer SSL and business emails for a professional and secure look. Though if you would like to handle your own hosting, then I personally recommend you use SiteGround.